An Alphabetical Index of Some of the Stories

An Alphabetical Index of Some of the Stories consists of an installation of 8 light boxes and an artist’s book.
They are standing in for as an outdoor facade of a Chinese restaurant and it’s menu, presenting a wide variety of photographed dishes to chose from.
Aëgerter photographed the dishes at Kam Yin, the Chinese-Surinamese restaurant in the Bijlmer district in Amsterdam.
She asked the restaurant guests if she could also photographs their hands along the dish they are about to it.
The documentary and functional type of menu representation imagery becomes infiltrated with a personal presence.
Further more, each dish is numbered and related to a sentence but instead of the usual dish description, it is a sentence as a synopsis for a tale introduced by one of this restaurant’s guests.
Choosing a dish from the menu in a restaurant is lifted to the personal level of a biographical story such as ‘The tale of the German bodyguard who never had to fight’ or ‘The tale of the cloud of soap’. 
This work is an homage to Georges Perec, being inspired by his roman “La vie mode d’emploi” (Life, a users manual).

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