February 8th – 12th
Art Rotterdam with Galerie Binome (FR), booth nr.90.
Group exhibition with Laurent Millet, Thibault Brunet et Mustapha Azeroual.

February 18, – June 11th
The Changing Landscape: from Voerman to Van der Linden, Museum de Fundatie / Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Heino / Wijhe (NL)
Group exhibition with a.o. Ger van Elk and Charley Toorop.

October 14th – March 12th 2023
Prendre soinMusée des Beaux-Arts, Dole (FR)
Group exhibition, with o.a. Xie Leï and Cornelia Eichorn

Curators Amélie Lavin, Alexis Anne-Braun, Sarah Carvallo and Jean-Philippe Pieron.

November 11th – April 30th 2023
Devenir fleurMAMAC, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Nice (FR)
Group exhibition with a.o. Yto Barrada and Otobong Nkanga

Curators Rebecca François and Hélène Guenin.

Save the date! .. June 21st – May 2024
Epos van de Geest, solo exhibition, Museum of the Mind, Haarlem (NL)
Curator Hans Looijen.
Presenting Epos of the Mind, a circa 30 meters long tapestry to be realised in the coming months at the TextielLab Tilburg.

With warm thanks to the generous support of the Mondrian Fund, Museum of the Mind, GGZ Friesland and the French Institute in the Netherlands.

October 10th 2023 – February 4th 2024
L’Epreuve de la matière, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, BnF Mitterand, Paris (FR)
Group show, curator Héloïse Conesa.

Monographic book
‘Ici mieux qu’en face’ at Actes Sud Publishers
Artistic direction by Fannie Escoulen, direction Actes Sud Géraldine Lay and graphic design Yann Linsart. Thanks to the generous support of the Dutch Embassy in France, Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhone, Jaap Harten Fonds, Museum Het Dolhuys, Museum of Psychiatry and the Mind, Haarlem and the Mondriaan Fund.
Where to find it? In The Netherlands at Atheneum Amsterdam, in France at Place des libraires amongst other places

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