Arithmétique du miracle (Arithmetics of miracle)

Arithmétique du miracle depicts the extraordinary scene of a rabbit that, when attacked by an eagle, guided by its survival instinct miraculously escapes death. Leaping upwards for its very life, the rabbit manages to escape its predator’s attack.

Thanks to a reflex that is as ingenious as it is life-saving, the animal finds itself suspended in mid-air, frozen in time, for a moment of grace.
The rabbit is captured in this image in a fraction of a second that seems like an eternity.

While his enemy crashes heavily to the ground, the improbable diversion of a destiny gives this image an existential character, touching on the spiritual.

An image of the cosmos is superimposed on this dramatic scene. The stellar constellations of the Hare, surrounded by Orion the Hunter and the Dog, are outlined in electric blue against a beige and sepia-toned background.
The galaxy is visible at night by phosphorescent threads. The dust swept up by the eagle is evoked by the roughly brushed mohair.

Arithmétique du miracle tapestry is a tribute to the unexpected power and survival instinct of living beings.