Cathédrales is a series of photographs drawn from Aëgerter’s artist’s book of the same name, based on a spread of the cathedral in Bourges from a book published in the 1950s by the ministry of tourism to promote spiritual architecture in France. Aëgerter photographed this image over 100 times to capture the shadow of the window in her studio as it gradually covered the reproduction until the cathedral vanished into darkness.

While the book engages the viewer to interact with the passing of time, the large-scale of the photographs (63.5 x 100 cm) underline the monumentality of the subject. Each unique print reflects the idea that every single image in the book is, in the words of the artist, a “small monument to Time”.

In her work, Aëgerter investigates strategies and invents systems to give new meaning to existing images – both historical and contemporary sources from our shared memory bank.

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