In Compositions synesthétiques (Dürer), Aëgerter has drawn lines on ten of her favorite engravings by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) in a game between intuition and reason (somewhat inspired by her art history studies). The full series of ten silkscreened prints is gathered in this archival box edition.

Her compositions, printed in the true format of the originals, are meticulously screen printed with colorful and tangible lines in gravel, braille, and rubber. The lines, colour, and texture effects highlight parts of Dürer’s depictions, revealing a realm of subjective interpretations.

The Compositions synesthétiques are works of art that can be viewed and touched simultaneously, enhancing the perception of the artwork. This invite is echoed by the title of the series, as synesthesia is a phenomenon of a multi-sensory experience. Just as Aëgerter has engaged with every detail of the prints’ surfaces, so can the viewer.

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Compositions synesthétiques (Dürer)

Conversation between art historian Huigen Leeflang and Laurence Aërgerter during Amsterdam Art Weeekend

November 29th 2020 at Galerie Caroline O’Breen, Amsterdam