Compositions synesthétiques

This project investigates the perception and interpretation of an artwork. Aëgerter superimposes geometric layers on top of some of her favorite masterpieces, reproduced in their original size. These layers in raised effect textures invite the viewer to touch the surface of the work. Following the principle of synesthesia, both senses of sight and tactility are simultaneously stimulated to enhance the perception of the artwork.

This new series follows up on Aëgerter’s long term research as seen in Le Louvre, Het Apparaat, Hermitage the Modernists and (de)coding Freedom, where she photographed paintings with spectators and objects becoming part of the works.

In 2016 Aëgerter was asked by Mister Motley to compose an online exposition. She did this with images she found on the internet. The idea for Compositions Synesthétiques originates in these images.