Monograph Ici mieux qu’en face

Under the direction of Fannie Escoulen, Actes Sud publishers

“At the invitation of the Petit Palais, the artist Laurence Aëgerter moves into the permanent collections of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Paris in the autumn of 2020.
In situ interventions, new works and existing pieces are interwoven with the works in the collections, following a common thread that takes the visitor on a journey from surprises to magic. This exhibition allows us to bring together and resonate, for the first time in a monographic book, several series by Laurence Aëgerter.

It is by revealing the other side of reality in a gesture of reappropriation that the visual artist Laurence Aëgerter builds her stories. The appropriation of this multifaceted material (dictionaries, history books, images from archives or gathered on the internet, art objects, museum works…) acts on her imagination and opens the way to numerous experiments: photographs, artist’s books, installations, tapestries, collaborative projects. The other, a true alter ego, plays a major role in the elaboration of her work.

The book is organised around three main themes that run through Aëgerter’s work: the elasticity of time, introduced by Léa Bismuth; the other side of the coin, introduced by Taco Hidde Bakker; the repair of existences, introduced by Susana Gàllego Cuesta.”

Fannie Escoulen, independent curator since 2014, co-founded Le Bal in Paris and was responsible for exhibitions at Magnum from 2004 to 2006. Léa Bismuth is an author and art critic. Taco Hidde Bakker is a writer and photography critic. Susana Gàllego Cuesta was chief curator of the Petit Palais and is now director of the Nancy Museum of Fine Arts.

22 × 30 cm
256 pages
150 four-colour illustrations
hardcover book
isbn : 978-2-330-14066-3

Where to find it? In The Netherlands at Atheneum Amsterdam, in France at Place des libraires amongst other places.