Seek & Hide, 2010

Site-specific works produced at the Museum van Loon, Amsterdam, for the solo exhibition ‘Seek & Hide’.

All is in all and it has always been depicts the spiritist séances Antoinette de Bach-van Loon and her husband frequently held. For this project Aëgerter selected some of the questions and answers from a book used by the couple for these sessions, which she had found in their archive. She had them embroidered on bed covers made of the same fabric as the one used in the museum. Aëgerter also found a blotter in Antoinette’s private archive. She used the pattern of the ink spots as the actual model or background for two textile installations in the house, Soul Imprints and Four Ghosts.

Colourful patches and white veils of vaseline were applied on top of the glass frames of the paintings to give them a supernatural layer. Trompe l’oeil photographs of these collages replaced the paintings during the exhibition.

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