Blitzmädchen was created thanks to the invitation of Machinery of Me, a space for contemporary art in Arnhem (NL). Aëgerter became fascinated by the local history and particularly the situation of the many young German women who worked in the nearby ‘Diogenes’ bunker during the Second World War. She researched a large amount of local archive footage about the life and work of the so-called ‘Blitzmädel’, due to the icon of a lightening on their uniforms.

Like in a dormitory, four wooden beds are set up, on which knitted blankets are laid down. The bedspreads show the graphic patterns of landscapes photographed from the air during the Second World War. Aegerter discovered these aerial photos in the war archives.

Each bedspread is embroidered with the first and last names of four Blitzmädchen, linked to one another through hanging threads.
These young ladies who held responsibilities of life and death of so many pilots were sharing in the daily life joyful and profound moments of friendship.

The hand knitting of the bedspreads, using several complex knitting techniques, was carried out by a group of knitters from De Amsterdamse Steek during an intensive collaboration.

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