Cathédrales hermétiques

Cathédrales hermétiques is the follow up to Cathédrales, and consists of a series that was born from the same starting point: a book published in the 1950s by the ministry of tourism to promote spiritual architecture in France. Moving away from the facades, Aëgerter selected three interiors over the scope of ten centuries to explore the different architectural modes of provoking a spiritual experience.

In this body of work, Aëgerter silkscreened three photographs of a Romanesque church (Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire, 10th century), a Gothic church (Coutances, 12th century) and a modern church (Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc, Nice, 20th century) with a black layer of ink reactive to the heat of the sun.

In contrast to Cathédrales, these church interiors begin in darkness and are slowly revealed when exposed to sunlight, like photography in a darkroom; a cycle that takes about an hour.

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Cathédrales hermétiques

Silkscreened Ultrachrome prints

85 x 65 cm



1 Saint-Benoit WEB 2_65x85_op 12x15 met schaduw 7
Cathédrales hermétiques, Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire
roman church, 10th century
Silkscreened Ultrachrome print, 85 x 65 cm

Catherdrals Hermetique_Gothic-aligned1WEB
Cathédrales hermétiques, Coutances
gothic church, 12th century
Silkscreened Ultrachrome print, 85 x 65 cm

Catherdrals Hermetique_Modern-aligned2WEB
Cathédrales hermétiques, Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc, Nice
modern church, 20th century
Silkscreened Ultrachrome print, 85 x 65 cm

Exhibition view ‘Rendez-vous with Frans Hals’, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem