A Glitch in the Mind

A Glich in the Mind is a series of three tapestries, Lake, Hill, Moss , that emerged from the monumental tapestry Epic of the Mind.

During the development of this tapestry, measuring 38.5 metre by 3 metre, I made a considerable number of sample strips.
Beyond their function as ‘try outs’, I found myself excited by their juxtaposition, both disruptive and stimulating for the mind.

In the middle of the production process, I decided to change my composition of Epic of Mind in order to let the sample strips become an integral part of it.

After the completion of Epic of the Mind, the compression of vertical fragments of images, colliding into one another, provided a subject in itself I wanted to explore further.

What fascinates me in theses ‘glitches’ is how the disruption of the image stimulates the mind to associate, fantasize and somehow relax into a form of abstraction. A Glitch in the Mind series is an open invitation for the spectator, drawing on his unconscious, to create and reconstruct the world in between its fragments.

A Glich in the Mind series of tapestries, Lake, Hill, Moss corresponds to three distinct parts of the Epic of the Mind tapestry. Each part of it carrying a different mood and energy.

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