Epic of the Mind, 2023

Epic of Mind is an ode to the astonishing human mind in all its wealth of imagination and its vulnerability.

The monumental tapestry, 38.5 metres length and 3 metres height, is a depiction of the mind’s journey. This journey, as if from a dream and intuitive in character, unfolds against a backdrop of abstract landscapes with various atmospheres flowing into each other, sometimes serene, sometimes dramatic or exuberant.

This mental journey is interspersed with encounters of various kinds, mysterious, wondrous and disturbing, rendered through photographs and drawings from the archives of the Museum van de Geest, Haarlem (NL).

Epic of Mind is a jacquard tapestry making use 58 varieties of yarns ( instead of the usual 12 yarns, including mohair) including merino wool, linen, as well as reflective and phosphorescent yarns: together almost 100.000 meter weft.

The work was created in close collaboration with master weaver Stef Miero of Tilburg’s TextielLab and was made possible by the generous support of the Mondriaan Fonds, GGZ Friesland, and Institut Français NL.

Documentary film about the work Epic of the Mind (12:20)