Moirai – Lucioles des mers is a sculpture of eleven glass beads (circa 25 cm each) threaded on a bunch of silver hair, as in an open rosary.

This piece evokes an experience of transience, as the beads are encapsulating phosphorescent powder, which in the darkness irradiates light that it absorbed in the daytime. In this cycle of apparition and disappearance, the beads, which by shape evocates the underwater world, relate to fireflies from the sea.

Moirai are the three Greek deities of destiny. One is weaving the thread, the second one measures it and the third one cuts it.

The beads emanate from a research developed at the CIRVA (Centre international de recherche sur le verre et les arts plastiques) in Marseille. The research started with the tapestry Longo Mai, which has been shown alongside the sculpture when Moirai – Lucioles des mers was shown for the first time.

This glass sculpture is approximately 4,5 meters with the potential to vary in size.

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