The Living Image

‘The Living Image’ (video 11 min. 10” ). A series of ten photographs become strangely alive through the words of an elderly lady, who lives in a care institution for elderly with an advanced stage of dementia. Watch and discover the very personal and moving perspective of Miss R. looking at landscapes, animals, art works and portraits.

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Photographic Treatment © was produced thanks to the Nestlé Prize of the Grand Prix Images Vevey (Switzerland) and presented as international premiere at the Festival Images Vevey 2016. Photographic Treatment ©  also received the generous support of  Zorgbalans; Amstelring; GGZinGeest; Stichting Art in Societies; Stichting Stokroos; Fonds Sluyterman van Loo; Stichting RCOAK; Pius-Stichting; BankGiro Loterij Fonds; Stichting VSBfonds; Huize Plantage; Stichting de Zaaier; Mondrian Fund; Fondation Beau Séjour, Vevey.

Scientific committeeProf. Dr. Dick Swaab, Prof. Dr. Philip Scheltens, Prof. Dr. Rose-Marie Dröes, Dr. Debby Gerritsen, Dr. Frans Hoogeveen, Dr. Elsbeth de Ruijter, Dr. Anneke van der Plaats, Dr. Tom van Gestel.