Cathedrals at Sunset

Variations of light patterns on a poster of one of Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral at sunset. The original poster is reproduced as a facsimile edition. A series of 7.

Monet painted 27 versions of this cathedral, all variations in colour. Light is the source of the 7 variations of this poster.

Instead of the physical cathedral, Aëgerter’s source is one of the posters by the paintings of Monet that she treats in a similar way; ‘reshaping “the” real’ with a high degree of meticulousness.

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Cathedrals at Sunset

Series of 7 photographs

70 x 50 cm

archival inkjet print on fine-art Baryta paper

Source: poster of Claude Monet’s, Rouen Cathedral at sunset, in the collection of the Pushkin Museum Moscow


Cathedral at Sunset 1

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 1’

Cathedral at Sunset 2

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 2’

Cathedral at Sunset 3

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 3’

Cathedral at Sunset 4

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 4’

Cathedral at Sunset 5

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 5’

Cathedral at Sunset 6

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 6’

Cathedral at Sunset 7

‘Cathedral at Sunset nr. 7’

Cathedral at Sunset 8 Cathedral at Sunset 9 Cathedral at Sunset 10

Solo exhibition in Art Affairs Gallery, 2014

Hijacking Karma #3, Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam (NL) with Daniël van Straalen, Brendan Heshka, Elise van Mourik and Marius Lut, 2015