Opening Soon / Opening Now

Opening Soon / Opening Now is a series of performative installations and autonomous photographs of a 9m2 prostitutio call in the center of Amsterdam. As an artist-in-residence Aëgerter, together with the other participating artists, was given the tacit assignment to ‘purify’ a former brothel by means of art. By stacking various temporary functions, she reversed this uneasy position and turned it into a public space in a state of constant metamorfose. Thus she set up, amongst others, a temporary library, a golf club, a snack bar and a public swimming pool in the former brothel. This rapid succession of ambitious services in an area measuring only 9 square metres, is typical of the irony with which she challenged the absurdity of this assignment.

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Opening Soon / Opening Now

Artist-in-residence program of Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam

A series of 18 silkscreened posters was developed for Opening Soon / Opening Now in collaboration with graphic designer Jennifer Skupin.

During the period of November 2008 – November 2009

Nicole Immler (dr. in filosofie) is wetenschappelijk medewerker aan de Oostenrijkse Akademie der Wetenschappen en doet onderzoek naar ‘Culturele Herinnering’ aan de Universiteit van Utrecht.


plan of the space