Staged photographs in which six different locations were superimposed on the 9 square metres of a former brothel.

To prepare for Opening Soon / Opening Now, Laurence Aëgerter collected images of the new functions of the space by combining Google Images with the search terms ‘swimming pool’, ‘library’ ‘golf Club’, ‘symposium’ ‘temple’ and ‘snack bar’. The images were then projected in the relevant context, and these projections were also photographed. The sink and the clock are recurrent elements in these projected spaces, anchor points of reality.

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series of 6 photographs


Source: Google Images


In the collection of the Amsterdams Historisch Museum (NL) and the CCIMP collection d’art, Chambre de Commerce Internationale Marseille Provence (FR)

beeld5 KP23

KP23 nr.6 (swimming pool) C-print , 120 x 180 cm

beeld1 KP23

KP23 nr. 5 (temple) C-print, 150 x 120 cm

beeld2 KP23

KP23 nr. 3 (snack bar) C-print, 120 x 175 cm

beeld3 KP23

KP23 nr. 2 (golfclub) C-print, 120 x 190 cm

beeld4 KP23

KP23 nr. 1 (library) C-print, 120 x 150 cm

beeld6 KP23

KP23 nr. 4 (symposium) C-print, 160 x 120 cm


key chain as it was found on the location of Opening Soon/Opening Now