Compositions catalytiques

Aëgerter gave a guided tour of several paintings in the collection of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht for a group of clients and supervisors from the Altrecht ABC group, a facility that offers ambulatory care for young people with psychotic vulnerabilities.
Curious about the participants’ extraordinary powers of imagination, Aëgerter asked them to analyze the form and content of the paintings. With a range of basic materials, the ABC group worked on top of paper reproductions of the paintings. The expressive and uninhibited works by the ABC group prompted Aëgerter to work with the paintings herself. Aëgerter reproduced the photos at their original scale.



Compositions catalytiques, 2017
28599-1710201020 (Wtewael)
Ultrachrome print, 103.2 x72.3 cm

Joachim Wtewael, De Keukenmeid


Compositions catalytiques, 2017
2310-1710201033 (Saverij)
Ultrachrome print, 130 x 80 cm

Roeland Saverij – Groot bloemstuk met keizerskroon


Compositions catalytiques, 2017
5088-1710311249 (Ter Brugghen)
Ultrachrome print, 102.3 x 136.9 cm

Hendrick ter Brugghen – de roeping van Mattheus


Compositions catalytiques, 2017
22657-1710291740 (Bloemaert)
Ultrachrome print, 63.5 x 81.3 cm

Abraham Bloemaert, Mercurius, Argus en Io


Compositions catalytiques , 2017
10786-1710201438  (van Honthorst)
Ultrachrome print, 71 x 104 cm

Gerard van Honthorst, De Koppelaarster